Our Quality
The management objectives driving this Quality Management System are:

  • To respond to every RFS (Request For Service) within one business day.

  • To comply with resolution (fulfilment) time for all categories of RFS.

  • To analyse customer complaints to evolve corrective and preventive actions.

  • To upgrade knowledge and skill of employees so that at least 90% of employees attain “Competent” level.
  • The management of the company ensures that customer requirements are determined and fulfilled with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. During the determination of customer needs and expectation, the obligations related to product including the statutory and regulatory requirements and the implied needs and expectation of the customer are also considered by obtaining periodic customer feedback and other information.

  • The same is conveyed to the respective Heads of Departments for ensuring that these are met. As a part of management review, focus is made for communicating the customer specific requirements to all Heads of Departments for percolating them in their department and ensuring product conformance.
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