About us
About us and our strengths
  • We are the second oldest software company headquartered in Calcutta (India) now in our 30th year and highly respected in the industry for our quality, reliability and adherence to business ethics.
  • We are untouched by the “global meltdown” due to our wide spread customer base and focus on the domestic market.
  • We are committed to building and nurturing long-term relationships on a foundation of mutual respect and trust with all stake holders, viz. customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, bankers, auditors and so on.
  • Customer loyalty earned through dedicated service is one of our foremost assets and growth drivers. A large chunk of the new business we get year on year comes through referrals from our existing customers.
  • We have an excellent team of Project Managers, a scare commodity in today’s IT industry, and their loyalty to the organization is a cause of envy to our competitors.
  • Over the 29 years of our existence as a company, we have served more than a hundred companies, representing many large and small organizations from diverse sectors and spread over a wide geography in India [East, North, West and Northeast] and abroad [USA, UK, Ireland].
  • We are experienced in several industries such as Engineering, Construction, Legal, Real Estate, Food processing, Pharmaceuticals, Tea and Telecommunication
  • We religiously follow both in letter and in spirit an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system, a vital ingredient for maintaining quality on a long-term basis.
  • Our software engineers are well versed in:
    • Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, Sybase and Informix databases
    • Developer2000, Visual Studio, Power Builder, etc
    • Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows (NT, 2003, 2000, XP, 98) operating systems
  • Our present staff strength is 55, all full-time: 25 in Software Development, 15 in Software Maintenance & Support, 8 in Data Processing, 3 in Marketing and 4 in Administration – all working in perfect harmony to deliver best service to our customers. We are also adding 5 to 7 persons every quarter.
Our offerings
  • Customization and implementation of fully proven ERP solutions
  • Tailor-made solutions developed for our clients’ specific needs
  • Full SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) support including user training, implementation, change management and application maintenance
  • Upgrading our clients’ existing applications to newer platforms, for instance like migrating a single user FoxPro application to Unix-Oracle
  • Web enabling of stand-alone, host-centric or client-server applications
  • Data conversion and migration for all the above types of projects
  • Formulating specifications for IT infrastructure – server, network, system software, virus protection, etc
  • Highly skilled programming resources to work with your in-house IT team
  • Analyzing our clients’ existing systems and identifying areas of improvement
  • Documentation of clients’ existing software products if the documentation is absent or inadequate
  • On-going software enhancement and maintenance 
Quality attributes
  • Rugged, scalable and user-friendly design and bug-free programs
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand documentation enabling easy maintenance, modifications and enhancements
  • Well-controlled change management
  • Perfect communication with people at all levels in our clients’ organization
  • Regular updates on progress and slippages
  • Proactive steps to overcome unforeseen challenges
  • Protection of clients’ intellectual property
  • Personalized service and attention from our top management team
  • Long term support
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