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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

India’s largest telecommunication company providing a host of services, such as fixed (land) line connections, WLL, mobile, leased data circuits, Internet service and so forth
Integrated Personnel Management system
  • Is designed based on the standard rules and procedures prescribed for personnel management applicable at Central Government organizations including BSNL

  • Encompasses the entire gamut of personnel management function including maintenance of employees’ records, salary and other payments, provident fund, leave, increments, promotions, postings, disciplinary actions and so forth.

  • Stores all relevant employee related information – personal data, job related data, family data, physical handicap if any, nominee details, academic qualifications, professional qualifications, particulars of training, previous employment, memberships – in a structured manner.

  • Supports all major organizational processes, viz. attendance recording, leave status monitoring, posting, promotion, pay fixation, increment, loans and advances and retirement.

  • Payroll – including calculation of earnings and deductions, income tax and arrears – is fully automated.

  • Provident Fund module caters to statement of account (monthly and annual), PF ledger and PF loan ledger.

  • Overtime module – computes amount payable, creates payment advice and calculates tax.

  • Business travel module – processes applications for advance payment, validates actual expenses claims, keeps track of outstanding (unadjusted) advances and automatically adjusts o/s advances against claims.

  • Leave travel allowance module – processes requests for advance, validates claim and creates payment advice for settlement of claim. 
Technology:   Client-server (Unix, Oracle)
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