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Biecco Lawrie Ltd.

A multi-product company, engaged in manufacture of high capacity switch gear and transformers, blending and packaging of lubricating oils and greases, import and distribution of petroleum products and repairing of heavy duty electrical motors
Application : Online financial transaction processing and accounting, supporting nearly 200 users at multiple locations 
Sales accounting and accounts receivable:
  • Import of Sales Invoices from Sales Order Fulfillment system
  • Posting of sales entries to General Ledger module
  • Sales reports
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Matching of customer payments with invoices
  • Printing of receipts
  • Posting of receipts journals to General Ledger module
  • Tracking of outstanding invoices
  • Debtors Ledger
  • Multi level management information
Purchase accounting and accounts payable:
  • Import of Purchase Order [PO] and Goods Receipts [GRN] data from Inventory Management system
  • Posting of purchase entries to General Ledger module
  • Validation of Vendors’ Invoices against PO and GRN
  • Generating payment advice
  • Approval of payment advice, according to delegation of authority
  • Posting of payments to Creditors Ledger and General Ledger
  • Printing of payments report and Creditors Ledger

Payment processing and accounting:
  • Request for payment, with justification, can be entered by employees of any functional department
  • The system forwards the request digitally to the employee’s head of department
  • HOD approves/rejects the request from his terminal with digital signature
  • The system forwards the approved requests digitally to Finance Department for final approval
  • System generates payment advice against approved request and forwards it to Cash Department for payment
  • Payments are posted directly to General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledgers as applicable
Processing and accounting of miscellaneous receipts:
  • Logging of receipts
  • Printing of money receipts
  • Cashiers Control
  • Online approval of credit account code by Accounts Department
  • Posting to General Ledger
General Ledger
MIS Reports:
  • Canned queries
  • Pre-defined reports

Technology:   Version 1: HP-Unix, Oracle 6, Forms 3, PERL
                              Version 2: HP-Unix, Oracle 7, D2K
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