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Objectives of the project
  • To maintain up-to-date inventory of all outside plants, viz. Under-ground Cables, Pillars, Cabinets and DP Boxes.
  • To visualize the geographical location of the plants with respect to roads and intersections.
  • To quickly locate spare Cable Pairs and DP Boxes for providing new connections.
  • Speedy restoration of a faulty line by diverting the connection through a separate cable pair or DP/Cabinet/Pillar connector.   
  • To have a centralised database that can be accessed by managerial and supervisory staff for decision-making and control.
Solution and services rendered by us
  • Field survey and updating of an old base map to add roads not shown on the map.
  • Mapping the Under-ground Cables, Pillars and Cabinets in separate layers.
  • Field survey and mapping of DP Boxes.
  • Creating textual databases of Under-ground Cables, Pillars, Cabinets and DP Boxes.
  • Attaching the textual data with the respective maps.
  • Attaching database of telephone connections with the Outside Plant databases.
  • Developing customised software for data update and information retrieval
Technology : MapInfo, MapBasic, Foxpro
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