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East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.

EIPW is a leading medium size pharmaceutical company with annual sales of Rs.900 million and the owner of several well known brands such as Enteroquinol, Vitazyme, Locula, Pyrigesic, Livotone and Calron which are household names across the length and breadth of the country.
They have been our clients since the year 1983.
Our SOW includes total data processing services, i.e. data preparation, processing, output generation and input-output control.
The Payroll application relates to EIPW's office staff, factory workers and medical representatives and includes Provident Fund.
Financial Accounting covers:
  • Day Books and Registers
  • Subsidiary Ledgers
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Consolidation of accounts across branch offices, factories and head office
Cost Audit, which is unique to the pharmaceutical industry, includes :
  • Production Statement
  • Cost Variance Statement separately for Raw materials and Packing Materials
  • Proformae I & J (showing complete breakdown of the cost of production of each product)
  • Cost Variance Summary
  • MIS Reports
Till 1983, EIPW's FA was being processed at the Regional Computer Centre (RCC) Calcutta on a Burroughs-6700 system. All on a sudden RCC's computer broke down and there was no certainty as to when it would be fixed. Even the application software was not available to EIPW. We were called by the CEO and asked to see if we could offer an immediate solution. Never given to running away from tough challenges, we used our analytical skills to reverse engineer the application, developed the software almost overnight and moved it to an 8086-based micro in a week’s time.
Since 2005, the client has moved FA to their in-house system but Payroll, Provident Fund and Cost Audit continue to be outsourced to us.
Engagement period: 1983 onwards
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