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IPCL was one of our earliest clients and utilized our services for 12 years from 1980 to 1992. IPCL is one of the largest petrochemicals company of India having it’s head office and plant at Baroda.  It started as a government owned company in the late '70s and was sold to Reliance much later.

We were commissioned when IPCL’s Eastern Regional Office had just started in Calcutta. IPCL management had taken a decision not to have any clerical staff and to computerize routine repetitive activities as much as possible. But there was no in-house computer expertise in IPCL at that time. The local management of IPCL had immense faith in our capability and assigned the task to us without a moment's hesitation. They were not disappointed.

If one is wondering why the association ended in 1992, the answer is simple – IPCL wanted to go in-house. It was a policy decision taken at the corporate office at Baroda. But we did play a constructive role in this transition. When IPCL installed their own computers at Calcutta, we gave them the software and supported them till they were able to handle it on their own.
Our scope of work :
Total Data Processing Service, comprising:
  • Requirement analysis.
  • Software development.
  • Data entry and quality control.
  • Processing, printing and quality assurance of all output reports.
  • Software modifications from time to time.
  • Sales Accounting
  • Sales Analysis
  • Stock Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Distributors’ Stock Accounting
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