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MSL Group, Inc. [Eastwood Realty Systems]

Specialist database service provider located at Connecticut USA, helping Mortgage Loan Officers to grow their business
Application Real Estate Asset and Debt Management System (READMS)  
Objective: The primary mission of READMS is to maintain prospect data for mortgage loan officers in support of their efforts to build, retain and enhance client relationships. 
Description: Provides a secure, backed up, web-based environment
Provides automated and user-controlled subscription and payment system

Provides Loan Officers with secure and powerful capabilities to:
  • Maintain Contacts data – add, edit, delete, search and view
  • Communicate with individual contacts, pre-defined and user-selected group contacts via -
  • Telephone
  • Fax or Email – directly from application
  • Email with PDF attachment
  • Upgrade Contact to Prospect to Opportunity to Client and keep adding or updating data at all stages
  • Manage their calendar of tasks and events associated with (or independent of) Contact/Prospect/Opportunity/Client; keep track of all tasks and events by calendar and to-do list for current day/week/month, for any future or past dateMaintain data of properties associated with Contacts, Prospects, Opportunities and Client
  • Keep track of all loans associated with properties owned by Contacts, Prospects, Opportunities and Client
  • Keep himself/herself armed with up-to-date information on all mortgage lenders and loan programs
  • Provide loan program quotes for specific sales opportunities, associate one or more proposed loan programs with opportunities and associate one or more quotes for each proposed loan program
  • Create and execute marketing programs for contact groups based on contact channel
  • Generate scheduled automatic e-mails from selected marketing campaign and scheduled notification of telephone follow-ups
  • Keep track of total referrals from each contact monthly, annually, and total.
  • Keep track of history of transactions with contact, prospect, etc.
    • Request report and display results for total contacts in system, count of contacts by channel category, sales by unit, volume, gross fees and commissions monthly, quarterly and annual

Creates e-mail auto-responder program for leads and opportunities, with six different auto-responder options each having 5 e-mails out.

Gives individual contacts, prospects, opportunities and clients with secure access to:
  • View specific fields in their own record and only with permission of Loan Officer
  • View individual property and loan data
  • View existing data and proposed options for new financing side by side (7 calculation screens for various financing options)
Calculates and displays client real estate asset/debt position in real time.
Built-in mortgage calculator 

Web sales opportunity capture module:
  • Data entered into database as contact and tagged as a lead
  • Loan officer notified of lead
Technology:   Linux, MySql, PHP
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