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Nagaland Telecom (District), headquartered in Dimapur, provides basic and value added telecom services in the State of Nagaland. It belongs to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) the largest telecom service provider of India. Current customer base of Nagaland Telecom is about 45,000 served by the 46 Telephone Exchanges in the District.

In March 2004, the management of Nagaland Telecom decided to publish an updated version of the Telephone Directory, which was more than 5 years old, and make it available in CDs and on the Net. But the basic data was not available centrally at the District. It was scattered all over the District at the Telephone Exchange level. The Exchanges were maintaining two sets of data, one for billing and the other for maintenance. No one was sure which one was correct. In some Exchanges, the billing data was correct, while at the other Exchanges it was the other way round. To avoid duplication and discrepancy, a policy decision was taken to merge the two sets of data into a single database and maintain it centrally at District level with on-line access from the Telephone Exchanges.

The job was assigned to us through limited tender with both price and competence as the selection criteria. We started the work in March and completed it in the second week of June 2004.

Our scope of work included :
  • Receiving raw data from the Telephone Exchanges via the District Office.
  • Validating the data through a set of custom programs specially developed by us.
  • Identifying and segregating correct and incorrect data.
  • Checking of the data by our employees deployed at the Exchanges.
  • Updating the data sets for corrections.
  • Addition of missing data elements.
  • Making the two data sets compatible.
  • Creating a unified database and porting it on the server.
  • Creating 1100 CDs containing the database and software for search and display with protection against any manipulation by the user.
  • Creating a file in PageMaker for printing the directory on paper.

Except the on-site data checking at Telephone Exchanges, everything else was done remotely from Calcutta though the client was
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