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Peerless is the largest private sector non-banking finance company of India with over 500 offices and millions of certificate holders all over India. 

In 1983-84 the company decided to computerise its Certificates system, comprising premium collection and settlement, on its mainframe.  The main task was to create a database of the millions of certificate holders across urban and rural India. We were given the job for Peerless’s Burdwan branch which had over 3,00,000 certificate holders.  It was a time-bound job demanding a very high degree of accuracy. 

The records were in the form of Kalamazoo binders and were required every now and then by Peerless to with interact with its customers. So there was no question of taking them out for data entry and processing. To overcome this problem, we installed our data entry machines and carried out the data entry at the client’s office. Floppies were brought to Calcutta for checklist and edit list printing. These listings were sent back to Burdwan where our data checkers were engaged to perform 100% accuracy check. After checking and correction, the floppies were once again brought to Calcutta for final validation and conversion to magnetic tapes. These tapes were run on client’s mainframe through several accuracy checking programs specially, developed by the client. The contract stipulated re-work and penalty if errors exceeded the specified tolerance.

Despite the huge volume and time constraints, we did not receive a single complaint from the client. In fact, our quality was adjudged better than many other larger and better known data processing companies.    

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