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Premier Diesels Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized dealer of Cummins Diesel engaged in repair and servicing of Cummins’ engines and sale of genuine spare parts as per Cummins guidelines
Application: Sales and Inventory    
  1. Prepare “Sales Offer” (quotation) and forward to customer
  2. Register Sales Orders – against quotation or without quotation
  3. Validate Sales Orders
  4. Send Sales Order acceptance
  5. Prepare Delivery Order on store for direct sales of spare parts
  6. Issue of spare parts and consumables for supply against DO
  7. Prepare Job Order on workshop for repair jobs
  8. Issue of spare parts and consumables for repair jobs
  9. Prepare Proforma Invoice
  10. Documentation of shipment and delivery to customer
  11. Prepare final Sales Invoice
  12. Monitor stocks on a continuous basis
  13. Raise timely Purchase Order on Cummins for replenishment
  14. Documentation of materials received from Cummins.
  1. Part numbers of spare parts are subject to change. The software allows such change without any manual data entry and without breaking a single link in the audit trail.
  2. The software solution supports different business rules and business processes for different categories of spares.
    The software enables the company to upload their Purchase Orders on Cummins directly into the latter’s website.
Platform:   Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
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