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"NEW TOWN" is a 3075 hectare development in the eastern fringes of the city of Kolkata conceived by the Government of West Bengal in 1998. It has been planned as a modern township to accommodate a resident population of 750,000 and a floating population of another 250,000. It would provide plots of land with all infrastructure for individual and cooperative housing to people from all income groups high, medium and low. HIDCO was formed in 1999 to develop and administer the project. In the first phase it was decided to allot 3364 plots, HIG - 1277, MIG - 1613 and LIG - 474. The announcement of sale met with overwhelming response and was 5 times over subscribed. So to maintain total transparency, it was decided that the allotments would be done through an open lottery held in the presence of all applicants.
There was a huge amount of data processing involved, which was assigned to us in April 2000. It was an extremely time bound job as the lottery dates had been announced and the time allowed to us was extremely short. We undertook it on turnkey basis including temporary
Our Pre-Lottery work included:
  • Database design
  • Software development
  • Input document control
  • Data entry
  • Checklist printing & checking
  • Detecting errors in applications and printing various exception reports
  • Detecting missing applications
  • Generating Code Nos. for Lottery
  • Printing of Code List with other relevant data
  • Printing Mailing Labels.
On the days of the lotteries we installed our computers at the venue, Salt Lake Stadium and Netaji Indoor Stadium, and undertook data entry and printing of lottery results which were published in the next days’ newspapers.
After the Lottery came the job of:
  • Segregating the databases into Successful and Unsuccessful groups
  • Printing Reports of Successful, Waitlisted and Unsuccessful applicants
  • Inserting details of subsequent payments made by the applicants
  • Supplying comprehensive reports to the four banks for making refunds
  • Financial reconciliation between Banks’ records and HIDCO’s
Given its highly sensitive nature, the project demanded very strict data security and 100% accuracy, which we were able to fulfil. The last date for submitting of applications was 31st March 2000. HIDCO was able to complete the first lottery (LIG Co-operative) within 8 weeks and the last (HIG Individuals) within 14 weeks – a great achievement by any standard.  

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