Guerrilla Games Shares Gorgeous Images of New Amsterdam Studio

Guerrilla Games Shares Gorgeous Images of New Amsterdam Studio

Guerrilla Games Shares Gorgeous Images of New Amsterdam Studio

Guerrilla Games Shares Gorgeous Images of New Amsterdam Studio

Guerrilla Games, the Dutch movie game development studio behind the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn collection, is no doubt hard at work at this time on Horizon’s sequel. It appears that Horizon: Forbidden West remains available for 2021, although no solid release date or pub was given out from the group just yet.

It looks like Guerrilla Games might have needed to change the priority so slightly as of late, in case a current Instagram article is any indication. According to the development team’s official Instagram accounts, Guerrilla Games is moving into a brand-new studio area in Amsterdam shortly, along with the images the group shared of this new space look totally magnificent.

The images of this space On the studio Instagram report reveal a superbly modern studio room full of large windows which let in lots of natural lighting. Furthermore, the principal office area appears to home many brilliant, leafy plants adorning the shelves and corners of this space. The studio also shared an image of what seems like a 3D published, all-white sculpture of a Stalker machine, among those enemy machines out of Horizon Zero Dawn. Overall, the studio area appears incredibly amazing and will probably prove to be a superb resource for your staff to construct morale when working in their next endeavors.

But It Appears that Guerrilla Games has not moved to the area just yet, with all the Instagram caption reading, “We can not wait to come back home into our brand new studio in Amsterdam! 1 familiar friend has claimed their place…” The latter half of this caption refers to the Stalker statue mentioned previously, which seems to become something of a tradition today, contemplating Guerrilla Games’ preceding studio space needed both striking statues of a Watcher – yet another fundamental enemy out of Horizon Zero Dawn. Whether the group has to move in because of continuing construction or the continuing pandemic remains cloudy.

Hopefully, the Team gets the transition into their new office area shortly, seeing as it will undoubtedly make development easier. Fans are amazingly keen to find out exactly what Horizon Forbidden West has in store for them. Though we have seen short examines the entire world of Horizon Forbidden West, specifics concerning the sport stay a little thin, besides that which we understand from the show trailer and what Guerrilla has triumphed at as time passes. Nonetheless, the facts we understand, like the sport happening in US states like Utah, Nevada, and California, undoubtedly make Forbidden West enticing.

With some luck, Guerrilla Games will begin trickling out more and more information as we get farther into 2021. Together with Horizon Zero Dawn’s fourth anniversary just passing, a lot of fans shared their own service for the show on the internet. Obviously, Horizon Forbidden West includes many expectations to fulfill whenever it eventually releases. Hopefully, this brand new studio area helps Guerrilla Games match, or even surpass, these lofty expectations.


Guerrilla Games Shares Gorgeous Images of New Amsterdam Studio
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